Need to see the dentist but don’t have cash on hand to pay for it?

22 June 2020/ Uncategorized

Sometimes there can be some unexpected dental emergencies that can leave you out-of-pocket. At Carbone Partners Finance we could help you meet the cost you need. We provide flexible dental payment plans on a fixed interest rate. To discover different options available, call us today on 0452 391 592 or…

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Reserve Bank of Australia Decreases Interest Rates to 0.50%

18 March 2020/ Uncategorized

The RBA has decreased the official cash rate to a new record low of 0.50% to counter the economic slowdown posed by the coronavirus outburst and bush fire disaster.   The official cash rate regulates the instant borrowing costs of lenders and has a straight influence on variable mortgage and…

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New Home Loan Rates

23 July 2019/ Uncategorized

New Home Loan Rates by Carbone Partners

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RBA Announcement

8 July 2019/ Uncategorized

By Carbone Partners - 8th July 2019 The Reserve Bank of Australia decided to once again reduce the official cash rate, this time to 1% in a concentrated effort to boost household spending and the economy in general. In making the decision to lower rates again this month the RBA…

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Stocktake on recent superannuation changes

21 January 2019/ Uncategorized

By The Tax Institute - January 21, 2019 Full Article in PDF In this article from the August issue of Taxation in Australia, excerpted here, Daniel Butler, CTA, argues that the rules related to superannuation should encourage long-term savings rather than being a mechanism for governments to extract further tax…

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Rate for home office expenses bumped up

19 January 2019/ Uncategorized

The ATO has updated the hourly rate for calculating home office running expenses for the income year commencing 1 July 2018. Tax&Compliance Reporter 23 January 2019 The home office running expenses hourly rate has been increased to 52c per hour, up from 45c per hour, effective from 1 July 2018.…

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