SMSF Strategy


Many of our clients use Self-Managed Superannuation Funds to hold direct property, shares and other investments. The main attraction, we believe is to retain control of your superannuation fund investments, and also to invest in assets that would otherwise be unavailable in a retail or industry superannuation fund (such as direct property).

In the right hands a SMSF can be an amazing opportunity to invest and save a significant amount of compliance cost,
however without appropriate supervision and in the wrong hands the results can be catastrophic to the retirement plans of members.

The benefits of running you own fund can include:

  • Flexibility & Control
    SMSFs allow multiple members to run a mixture of accumulation and pension accounts. Trustees have complete control over what happens with the fund.
  • Investment Choice
    SMSFs provide greater investment options than any other super fund.
  • Taxation Strategies
    Concessional tax environment where earnings are taxed at 15% in Accumulation Phase and tax-free in Pension Phase. We can help trustees grow their super savings and reduce tax payments.
  • Fund Costs
    Depending on the size of your fund, can be cheaper to run than a large public fund
  • Unique Investment Strategies
    Including gearing in superannuation
  • Creditor Protection
    Assets are normally protected by creditors even in the event of bankruptcy
  • Consolidate Superannuation Assets
    A SMSF allows up to three other members to consolidate super accounts. A larger fund can increase the overall investment opportunities whilst reducing the overall fees.
  • Creation of a Family Legacy


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