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Investment & Retirement Planning Advice:

Retirement planning is the difference between creating your own financial future and just allowing it to happen. It’s about identifying your financial goals and objectives and then developing a plan with you for your future to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Wealth creation is all about building financial security now so you can focus on enjoying your lifestyle in the future.

Choosing where and how to invest your money is a difficult decision and will depend on many factors including your overall investment objectives, approach to investment risk and the amount of time you have to invest. Your investment plan explores different options you have for investing your surplus funds.

The benefits of these options will change as market conditions and other variables fluctuate. We will help you determine the risks and rewards of various appropriate strategies to enable you to make informed investment choices.

Investment Choices:


This is perhaps the most popular way to save for retirement. Put simply, contributing to superannuation allows you to put aside money during your working life to use when you retire.

There are two main ways to contribute to your super:

  • Concessional contributions which come out of your pre-tax income
  • Non-concessional contributions which you make from your after-tax income.

If you’re employed, your employer generally makes concessional contributions equal to 10.5% of your salary (known as Super Guarantee or SG contributions). You can also make concessional contributions and claim a personal tax deduction up to a cap.

In addition to this, you can make non‑concessional contributions from your after-tax income and even contribute to super on behalf of your spouse.

With recent Government reforms to super, it’s now one of the most tax-effective long-term retirement savings vehicles available.

With the increasing lack of government support to assist people in retirement, having a realistic assessment of your long-term superannuation goals and retirement income requirements is now more important than ever.

Our depth of knowledge of both regulatory and wealth management issues enables us to provide you with practical advice on the most effective superannuation strategies to assist with your overall financial plan.

We have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to support you with self-managed superannuation funds in each of the accumulation, retirement and estate planning phases.

We can assist with the design, establishment and strategies required to run an effective fund.

We also have the skills and experience necessary to audit the financial position and operation of self-managed superannuation funds.

Other Investment Choices:

  • Australian Shares – opportunity of home grown success.
  • International Shares – opportunity from around the globe.
  • Fixed Income – regular income as well as capital preservation.
  • Liquid Alternatives –achieve greater portfolio diversification.
  • Managed Funds – local and global diversified investment opportunities; in shares, fixed income and infrastructure.

Whether we’re constructing a new portfolio or managing an existing portfolio, ensuring the level of risk inherent in the portfolio is appropriate for the investor and is of the upmost importance.

Centrelink Benefits:

Managing Centrelink entitlements can be complex and small changes can have a big impact on your access to benefits. We are personal financial advice specialist and can meet with you and devise a plan to make sure you maximise your super.

Keep in mind that access to Centrelink benefits depends on a range of factors, including your income and other assets (as well as those of your partner). Proper planning can not only maximise your Pension income but also offer you benefits in the way of Commonwealth Senior Health Card or Seniors Card.

The Australian Government is also keen to encourage retirees to take an income in retirement, which is why they offer a range of incentives. Structuring your assets to take advantage of these incentives can make a big difference to how far your savings will stretch in retirement.

Planning for tax effective retirement income stream should be attended to years before you contemplate retirement, so you assets and incomes can be restructured in the right effective manner. Contact our financial planners for your free initial consultation.


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