Peter Cirillo

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Peter Cirillo

13 November 2018/

Peter has been with Carbone Partners since 2007and holds a Bachelor of Business and Diploma in Accounting. He has over 20 years’ experience in both private practice and commercial accounting. Peter has a wealth of experience dealing with small to medium-sized enterprises, superannuation funds and high net worth individuals.

He always strives for excellence and is highly-motivated and results-focused. He has a good eye for detail, is efficient in all types of work presented and analyses all situations thoroughly. He has the ability to produce different scenarios for discussion with clients and therefore achieves great results which are reflected in a content client. 

His clients cover a range of industries including food, manufacturing, construction and engineering. Peter has become an integral part of the team as he is Michael’s right hand man and could almost say a partner in the firm.

To remain focused Peter enjoys keeping fit and participating in outdoor adventures with his family.

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